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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Liberty Energy Corp. (OTC:LBYE)

Liberty Energy Corp., an oil and gas sourcing and utilization company, is up again today in trading. The company was on the rise yesterday after it was announced on Monday that they were drawing down from their equity financing agreement for their operating expenses. They are in the final stages in their Dahlstrom #1 well in Texas and working to keep their balance sheets debt free. This morning Liberty Energy announced in another press release that they are executing memo for property acquisition in Caldwell and Travis Counties, Texas. This has been a positive week for the stock with it currently trading at $0.59 a share. It is currently up close to another 5% and is over twice its 52 week low ar $0.25 a share. This has been a busy week with great news for Liberty Energy which should positively affect their quarterly revenue.

Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC:CXLT)

Net Savings Link, Inc. announced yesterday evening that they are renaming and restructuring their business model. Net Savings Link, Inc., previously Calibert Explorations LTD., will now operate from their new website NetSavingsLink.com to promote online participation programs on everyday items from groceries to attractions. By helping their customers reduce their monthly expenses, Net Savings Link, Inc. new business strategy capitalized by saving consumers’ money in a down economy. The stock has been up and down today with its day low at $0.34 but now it is a $0.40 and should be moving higher as they begin operating under this new business model. There are already close to 5 million shares traded so far today at mid-day trading. The stock was trading up yesterday with over 10 million trades on positive news and growth. Investors seem to like the new name and business model which should propel Net Savings Link forward throughout the of the year as consumers continue to struggle.

Ikona Gear International Inc. (PINK:IKGI)

Ikona Gear International Inc., a designer and manufacturer of gear and power transmission applications, is one of the breakout leaders in today’s pink sheet market. So far in mid-day trading they are up 462.50% at $0.009 a share. There is no recent news announced via press release or on the company site but Ikona Gear International keeps on climbing. Ikona is 350% above their 52 week low from April 21, 2010. Their trading volume today is at 170,000 shares. It has been some time since we have seen a press release from Ikona so expect rumors of a big announcement to be the logic behind the huge swing in stock price so far today.

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