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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

SK3 Group, Inc. (PINK:SKTO)

On Friday the stock of the SK3 Group rose by nearly 5%. This comes on the top of a sustained rise of the value of this company since the turn of the New Year. In January and February, the stock price jumped from $0.0015 to $0.006.

The SK3 Group is in the health care industry, and offers a board range of health care solutions. The group has developed a name in the industry for the quality of its services and for its overall customer care.

The massive jump in the stock price followed its announcement on December 31 that it is completing the audits necessary to become a fully reporting company. SK3’s Kevin Pan talked about how the company is planning a series of acquisitions, and after a period of streamlining to meet the new market demands, is now moving forward with the long term strategy of the group to grow the range of health services the company offers.

ParaFin Corporation (PINK:PFNO)

2011 has been difficult for this company – up till now. The stock fell by 250% in January and February, and hit a low last of $0.00025. The feeling is now though that the only way is up for this stock, and on Friday it jumped up by 75% to just shy of the $0.00075 mark.

ParaFin Corporation is a development stage company. It acquires and explores oil and gas properties. The company was formed in 1978, and is located in Nevada. As of March 30 2010, the Board of Directors of the company have authorized the President to negotiate the acquisition of oil and gas in the US.

EarthBlock Technologies, Inc. (PINK:EBLC)

EarthBlock Technologies saw very little stock movement in 2010, and the first seven weeks of 2011 were no different. However, this stock really took off last week. On Friday it jumped up by 22.5% after an even bigger increase on Thursday.

The company manufactures, distributes, and applies building products for earthen construction in the US. The company constructs a variety of structures in the commercial and residential sectors. This includes warehouses, retail stores, office and various types of residences. The company was founded in 2001 and is located in Ohio.

Sustainable, green construction techniques are becoming more popular in the modern world. In the US there are currently around 350,000 earthen houses and structures, and the original ones which have stood for over 200 years. This type of construction is not only better for the environment but also produces much longer standing buildings. It is well worth looking further into EarthBlock Technologies.


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