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Top Penny Stock Picks of the Day


This stock was at $0.05 in June 2010, but since then it has gone up in value by 6 times, and is now worth $0.3.

There have been many factors contributing to this growth. One of them was the announcement in November of last year that the earnings of the company for Q3 were 28% higher than in 2009. Whilst revenues were increasing, expenses decreased over the year by 9%.

The CEO, Michael Gaffney, said that these results were outstanding considering that the crises has only just come to an end. In 2011, according to him, revenues are expected to be 25% higher than in 2010.

This company was established in 1992. It provides data solutions for catching data, and also mobile marketing solutions for global customers. It has over 250 cooperate clients, and this figure is growing every year.

On Friday, the stock jumped up 8% from $0.28 to $0.3.


A massive jumper on Friday, the stock gained not less than 116% from $0.0025 to $0.008.

The Group is focused on brand movement and package themselves as a one stop shop for clients to achieve their communication objectives.

Friday was a huge day for the company after 2 months of relative inactivity. The stock dropped to a low in December, and began to rise slowly in January, before the big jump on Friday.

The CEO, Steven St. Louis, said that he believes that the company’s strong business model will benefit shareholders in 2011.


Friday was a good day for this stock, as it shot up by 10% to $0.0015.

Last year was a difficult one for the stocks of this company, as share value did not move hardly at all. In the last 3 months it has bottomed out, and now there is the belief that this stock may be ready to climb again, as the last two weeks trading suggests (the stock price has doubled).

This holding company is focused on investing in multimedia and entertainment. It has four corporations. One of them, the Emax networks group, is currently it is in the process of purchasing broadcasting and Internet companies.

Recently there has been little news from the company itself, other than about changes to the management team. However, in the first week of February, the CEO, Roxanna Weber did an interview for Chartpoppers.com, that is of interest to potential investors. To listen to this interview, go to: chartpoppers.com.

It remains to be seen whether the stock of this company will make a significant move. It has in the past made quick gains only to lose them again shortly after (in April of last year), so it may be worth looking at this company as a very short term investment.

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