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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

China Tel Group, Inc (Public, PINK:CHTL)

It has been a tremendous week for this stock so far, which has surged from $0.179 to $0.250.

The China Tel Group is a global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. This week, it announced that it has signed an agreement with ZTE, who will supply it with infrastructure equipment for the broadband network that the company is setting up in China.

ZTE is a vital strategic partner for China Tel Group. It supplies it with cutting edge technology at low prices with favorable payment terms. The importance of this partnership has been reflected in the growth of the price of the stock this week.
The company operates in China and Peru, but is also targeting markets in South America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and SE Asia. Investors taker note!


Greenway Design Group provides cost-effective air conditioning technology.

On March 21, the company announced that it had got its first contract to install its pre-cool system for a municipal agency. Earlier this week, the stock jumped 45% on the back of this news. Ben Lefrancois, the SEO of the company, said that the contract covers the Fire and Police departments in Geneva, Illinois. He went on to say that all such agencies are looking for ways to save money, and this new air conditioning system may well save them up to 30% in their energy bills for cooling. Such savings are a huge help for cities operating on tight budgets.

Investors in this company are hoping that this contract will lead to a series of such contracts in the coming year. If so, then expect this stock to climb dramatically higher. Be aware, though, that as of now the assets of the firm are less than its liabilities ($965,000 compared to $2,200,000)


On Wednesday this stock surged 30 percent, to $0.0755. Investors have made unbelievable gains on this company in the last 6 months: the value of the stock has shot up by 1700 percent!

3Dicon is engaged in the development of groundbreaking 3D projection and display technologies. The company aims to enhance current 3D technologies by creating true-to-life 3D images. The company has had many successes in this developmental process, and its technologies are forecasted to have a market size of more than $1 billion in 2011.

The latest jump in the price of the stock comes after an announcement by the company on Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with the Research Center at Oklahoma State University, to have full use of its world-class technology facilities. This will enable the company to further develop its patented 3D volumetric technology.

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