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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Protext Mobility Inc. (BB:TXTM)

While many stocks have been pounded due to increased oil prices and conflict in the Middle East, Protext Mobility (PINK:TXTM) has been doing well this week. TXTM, a mobile applications developer that focuses on messaging solution, closed yesterday at $0.16 and is well above its 52 week low of $0.05. Riding high on last week’s announcement that they released AmberWatch®, a parental control application for android phones, TXTM has seen a serious increase in share price. Since the android platform is the fastest growing operating system in the market, Protext Mobility is sure to see a continued increase in revenue and business opportunities in the weeks and months to come. Their stock looks like it is poised to break their 52 week high so there is no better time to buy.

Elysium Internet Inc. (PINK: EYSM)

This week we have seen great momentum with Elysium Internet, Inc (PINK: EYSM), a direct navigation internet company, as last week they announced that only half way through February they have surpassed Januarys revenue. This will be their fourth straight month of revenue growth and the company expects a 25 to 50% month over month growth rate for February. This growth is due to the expansion of both their customer base as well as the local directories. That same week Elysium was able to announce that they were improving their capital by securing a deal with their debt holders. Elysium Internet is a strong company with a great niche market that is certain to expand as the growth of direct navigation is directly correlated with the growth of direct internet traffic. While the stuck may
still fluctuate, it is a great pick for longer term investment especially once the quarter end numbers are announced.

eMax Worldwide Inc. (PINK:EMXC)

After releasing their un-audited financials on February 18, 2011, eMax Worldwide Inc., a socially responsible investment holding company, showed positive growth in both revenue and net profits. They also recently created a new subsidiary, New Unified Corp., to help acquire investments in the real estate and energy markets. Furthermore the company has started buying back common stock until reaches $0.50 per share. Since the stock is currently trading around $0.0009 there is tons of room for growth and now is the time to buy up some EMXC and let the company do the work to raise the share price and make you some extra moolah! eMax is getting all their financials in order and is looking forward to a prosperous 2011.

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