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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Universal Detection Technology (OB:UNDT)

Once again Universal Detection makes our list of top penny stock picks! Universal Detection, a developer of early-warning monitoring technology, is up another 37.50% in mid-day trading with a volume of 508,874,054 shares. The company announced today they signed an agreement with a local company for distribution in Japan. Precision Technologies PTD will service their products in Japan. Ever since the tsunami and earthquake rocked Japan and caused a serious nuclear threat, Universal Detection’s stock has been trading higher since they entered into an agreement with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce last Thursday and announced yesterday that they were going to sign an agreement for Japanese distribution. Jacques Tizabi, CEO and Chairman of Universal Detection stated, “Through our agreement with Precision Technologies we can directly market our radiation detection products to
individuals and agencies in Japan and in protecting people from radiation exposure as soon as possible.” As long the nuclear crisis remains in the news expect UNDT to continue to rise!

Go Solar USA Inc. (PINK:GSLO)

Go Solar USA was up 22% in yesterday’s trading and is up another 2.33% today. Go Solar USA, an alternative solar energy company, announced yesterday that iPhone sales projections have boosted revenue estimates for Go Solar USA’s Volt Solar Charger. Since Verizon began offering the iPhone in February, new sales, services and accessories are up 88& for FY 2011 First Quarter for Apple. This news combined with an announcement today that the initial production run is on schedule have given investors a lot of confidence. President and CEO Tyson Rohde stated, “We’re thrilled with this accessory’s potential to introduce clean, renewable energy into the daily routines of iPhone users across the continent and beyond.” Once the Volt Solar Charger is available expect this stock to climb!

Axia Group Inc. (PINK:AGIJ)

Axia Group Inc., the primary subsidiary of Collagenna Skin Care products, closed over up 57% yesterday at $0.0033 and is trading up another 27% in mid-day trading. On Friday Axia Group announced that two Collagenna Skin Care Products were being evaluated by national retail chains and then announced Monday that they were being evaluated by two regional chains as well. CEO Michael Arnkvarn explained, “With these two opportunities at hand, we’re working closely with our suppliers in case a stark production increase is needed.” A production increase would be a strong indication that the market has confidence in the success of the products. We will also likely see further evaluations on other products developed and marketed by Collagenna Skin Care. When this deal is closed in the enar
future expect the stock to rise as their skin care products get more national exposure.

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