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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks


This stock gained in value on Friday by 4.4%. It has been a bad last six months for this company, as the stock value has fallen considerably on a month by month basis. It has now reached a low and this stock has potential for day traders who can take advantage of days like last Friday. Further research is needed to identify whether this stock has potential to rebound in the long-term, but now may well be an excellent entry point. The company has recently replaced its CEO (on January 5), and it hopes that this appointment will turn the fortunes of the company around in 2011.

ThermaFreeze is a leading provider of ice substitute for refrigeration use. The product was developed over many years and designed with the very specialized needs of the consumer in this product segment. The ice packs sold by the company today are the most advanced on the market.


The stock of this company doubled in value in February – from $0.0025 to $0.0050. It is now holding at that price, and the company remains an interesting prospect for penny stock investors.

Relm HOldings is based in Delaware, and its core business strategy is to purchase other businesses and commercial real estate. Currently, the company is negotiating to acquire four IT services companies. Also it is in talks to purchase a major real estate asset (unspecified) and multifamily apartment projects.

International Development and Environmental Holdings (OTC:IDEH)

This stock has had a volatile 2011 so far, but coming off the back of a successful Friday, March 4, this stock is rated in several sites as a hot pick.

Investors, however, must be very cautious with this company. The company is known for employing paid promotions that inflate the value of its stock to levels far above what the company is actually worth. In early February, the company initiated yet another promotion, pouring more than $500,000 into it. This is ten times higher than the company’s assets, and money which could have paid off more than half of the company’s debt. In addition, the CEO of the company, Scott Lieberman, created a letter of intent stating that he was going to buy out his New York parking facilities. He has not carried out this promise, and it is clear that the letter of intent was drawn up just to support the promotion.

The last promotion was successful in raising the price of the stock, but after the newsletters stopped flowing, it suffered a huge blow, and investors lost a lot of money. As an investor, you need to make your own conclusion about this company, but my strong advice is that you give this stock a wide berth.

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