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Top Penny Stock Picks of the Day

Top penny stock picks 1 – HOMELAND SECURITY CP (PINK:HSCC)

A big mover on Tuesday, this stock gained 25% and ended the day at $0.03

HSCC is a leader in the security industry, and is based in Newport beach, CA. It develops and implements security driven technologies that be used in a variety of environments according to the needs of the client. The mission of the company is to protect individuals, companies, and their property and assets.

The company is rapidly developing its product range, and in January 2011 it launched a gas flare management system, which will monitor gas flares and give warnings in the event of a fault.

The company has nearly 60 million shares in free float, and another 130 million held by insiders. As of mid-2010, there were 226 shareholders. The historical high for the company was $0.05 in May 2010.

Top penny stock picks 2 – EVERMEDIA GROUP, INC (PICK:EVRM)

From mid-Monday through Tuesday the share price jumped rom $0.005 to $0.008, after reaching a high of $0.009 on Tuesday morning.

The Evermedia Group, which is based in Houston Texas, develops biometric-based identification management solutions. Its technology has been successfully patented in China, South Korea and the US. Significantly, it has two further patents pending in the US and two in the UK. Bear in mind that product patent events can have a strong positive effect on share price.

Technology currently being used or under development by Evermedia is applied in the military, banking, e-commerce and in airports.

The successful day for the company comes on the back of its PR release on Tuesday in which it disclosed its plans to become a fully reporting, 12G company, and to list on the OTCBB. The CEO, Jonathan Sym said that once the 2009 and 2010 audits are complete, the company will immediately file the necessary forms to achieve fully reported status.

Top penny stock picks 3 – Double Eagle Holdings, Ltd. (PINK:DEGH)

It has been a phenomenal week so far for this company. On Monday and Tuesday, the stock price more than doubled, from under $0.02 to $0.045.

Unlike our other penny stock picks, however there are substantial worries about the validity of this company, and it has been included in our picks as a warning.

The company was founded in 1985, when it was engaged in investing in and restoring small homes. In the last quarter, the company posted a loss of $21,738.

Double Eagle Holdings does not have significant operations, and the development of its business will be hampered this year as it does not have sufficient established sources of revenue for the next twelve months. The company has reduced expenses to a minimum until it can raise additional capital, However, even with the jump in the stock price this week, there can be no guarantees whatsoever that the company will raise enough funds to implement its business plan in 2011.

As a result, there are doubts over the ability of the company to remain a valid business, and although this stock was recommended by some leading penny stock sites, it is best avoided in the long term.

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