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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Left Behind Games, Inc. (PINK: LFBG)

Left Behind Games, Inc. (PINK: LFBG), the world’s only publically traded publisher of Christian video games, is already up 5% is moving higher in today’s trading. On Tuesday they announced an iPad 2 giveaway as a promotion for their Charlie Church Mouse Storybook game that will be accessible on the iPad this fall. Then yesterday Left Behind Games announced the release of four sequels and five new games for a variety of platforms throughout 2011. While Left Behind Games focuses on a niche video game market, it is a niche that is growing in popularity both domestically and internationally. Troy Lyndon, their CEO, was originally a lead developer for the first 3D John Madden Football and NHL Hockey franchises brings ample experience to the table. The company is also utilizing $10 million in capital to double their production over the next 12 months. Keep an eye on this stock!

Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)

Since the fall of Fannie Mae with the housing market in 2008 this stock has been beaten up beyond belief. While there have been positive and negative announcements in recent years, Fannie Mae released news today that it will redeem the principle amounts on a variety of securities, some on March 21, 2011 and others on March 23, 2011. Furthermore, BusinessWeek announced this morning that several states hit hardest by the housing decline will begin testing mortgage principle write-downs. While banks and financial institutions have modified interest rates and payment schedules, this will be the first time banks and mortgage companies will try lowering the total debt. FNMA is slightly up in mid-day trading but at such a cheap price has great upside potential as the government continues to stabilize the housing market.

United States Oil and Gas Corp. (PINK: USOG)

United States Oil and Gas (PINK: USOG), acquires and small to mid size oil and gas product and service companies, is up over 21% in mid-day trading. This morning United States Oil and gas addressed the recent global price increase if oil and addressed its impact on their business. Company President, Alex Tawse sparked optimism in investors by announcing that “the types of business we invest in along with the regions of the country in which they operate, provides a layer of protection against volatility in price of fuel.” Instead USOG has experienced increased revenue with little effect on profit. This assurance continues to lift the stock price especially on the heels of the growth plan the company announced on Monday morning. USOG is definitely a hot pick for Friday mid-day trading, especially as their competitors suffer from increasing oil prices, tighter profit margins and decreased demand.

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