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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks


After making big gains in January, this stock has dropped from $1.14 to $0.50 since the turn of February. Not the obvious choice for a daily pick, but many in the investor community consider that this stock has now reached a low and is a good, if not high-risk bet.

Today so far it has shown high volatility, jumping between the $0.5 to $0.6 marks.

Imperial Resources Inc is focused on developing niche gas and oil opportunities in North America. The company has fairly extensive industry relationships and a solid management team. The company promotes itself as having a risk-averse strategy, with revenues associated with more high-risk projects.
In recent news, the company appointed a new CFO on March 7, and on March 21 it released a positive report on its Nunnelly #1 reserve. If this wellbore is put into operation, it will provide a big source of new revenue for the company.


This company has surged massively this week. Just today alone the stock has risen by 60% (as of lunch time). Since Monday, it has risen from $0.013 to $0.350
Thresher Industries provides aluminium and metal matrix composite alloy castings. The company is headquartered in Hanford, California.

On March 7, the company released an open letter to its investors and shareholders, in which it expounded the positive moves the company is making this year. It is reorganizing, and changing certain elements of its products to make them lighter and give the company a big advantage over its competitors. Also the company is this year focusing less on development and more on production, which should lead to increased revenues.

Wolverine Tube, Inc. (PINK:WLVTQ)

This stock has more than doubled since the first week of March, and since Thursday last week it has surged from $0.003 to $0.004.

Wolverine is a global leader in custom-engineered components which provide thermal management solutions for clients in a wide range of markets. In more simple terms (and not the jargon taken from its website!), it is an engineering company which provides copper tubing to (mainly) the power generation, petrochemical and chemical processing industries.
The company’s headquarters are in Huntsville, Alabama, and it employs over 1400 people in the US, China, Holland, Canada and Mexico.

Be aware that this company has had a turbulent recent history. It did, in fact, file for bankruptcy in November of last year in order to restructure its indebtedness and de-lever its balance sheet. Its not making any long-term investors any money, but day traders are giving it a go.

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