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Top Daily Penny Stock Picks


On Friday this stock gained 51.85 percent, closing at $0.0082.

The Amergence Group is focused on the development and rapid expansion of selected emerging companies across a number of industries. The company offers capital as well as legal, PR and accounting resources to attract new and early growth businesses. Currently, the company is doing due diligence on a number of companies in a wide range of industries: from legal to medical.

The surge in the price of the stock come after the company announced its new medical marijuana business in Arizona, and placed its first advertisement in the Phoenix New Times to find personnel for the marijuana project. The aim of the advert is to find qualified personnel from Arizona who wants to own their own dispensaries and in tandem with the company.

The President of AMERGENCE GROUP, Brian Cook, explained that the company is very excited about the prospects in Arizona and the rest of the US. The company has spent months identifying suitable dispensary locations, and dispensaries will now not have to go it alone, but will have the support and marketing power of a big company.
Whilst this company seems to be going places at least in this area of its business, in the last quarter it made a loss of $158,000.


Another big mover on Friday, this stock jumped up by over 42 percent, closing at $0.0740.
The jump in the share price comes after the junior oil and gas-prospecting company signed a Letter of Intent for a mining property in British Columbia, Canada.

The CEO of the company, Serge S. Acimovic stated that the Letter of Intent calls for acquiring 100% of the mineral rights on the proposed property. He went on to say that this development will define the company as a prosperous young exploration company in the global mining market.

I would recommend that you keep your eye on this promising company.

Global Aircraft Solutions, Inc. (PINK:GACFQ)

On Friday this stock surged by 204.5%, closing at $0.0140. This massive jump came after the company was a given a favourable mention in an investment newspaper with a huge readership. The newsletter stated that the stock was about to move because of a technical breakout, however, it did also mention that there was minimal fundamental support for a big surge.

I have included this pick more as a warning than anything else. Huge gains were made on Friday, but the feeling is that the price of the stock will pull back sharply today. Also, and this is no small point, the company is currently in bankruptcy, and very few details regarding the bankruptcy process have been released. The last SEC filing was made in 2009, making this company particularly difficult to assess.

Non-realistic gains were made on this company last week, and it really shows the power of widely read newsletters. I, however, would not be looking at Global Aircraft Solutions as a long-term prospect.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.