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Top Penny Stock Picks of the Day

Critical Solutions Inc. (PINK: CSLI)

Critical Solutions Inc. (PINK: CSLI) announced today that the company’s subsidiary, White Door, Inc.,
received a purchase order for four additional remote monitoring systems from Washington River
Protection Solutions, a major contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of River Protection.
News of this sale drove shares of CSLI up over 450% in early trading this morning. While share price has
been stagnant over the past months, this latest news could mean big things for CSLI. Most importantly,
there sales are growing with companies that have government contracts providing a steady stream
of revenue to increase their market capitalization which is currently at $1.65M. Critical Solutions Inc.
is definitely a company to watch as investors build confidence in the alternative power sources they
provide and their growing customer base.

Hop-on Inc. (PINK:HPNN)

Hop-on Inc. (PINK:HPNN) has gained serious momentum ever since they became a major player in the
electronic cigarette business. Hop-on Inc. is focused on developing and manufacturing electronics from
gaming software to cell phones and electronic cigarettes. HPNN reached a 52 week low on February 11,
2011 at $0.0001 and has nowhere to move but up. Buying this stock at its low point is a smart financial
move, especially since just a year ago the stock was at its 52 week high at $0.006. Through December
and January HPNN offered a free sample of their disposable electronic cigarettes just for following
them on Facebook and Twitter. As the electronic cigarette market grew throughout 2010 so did their
revenue. As we wait to see the first quarter numbers we are expecting great results from HPNN as they
bounce back in the electronics market.

B Green Innovations Inc. (PINK: BGNN)

One of today’s most active pink sheet penny stocks, B Green Innovations, Inc. (PINK:BGNN) is up
76.92% at $0.0023. As socially responsible green companies acquire more market share, B Green is
certain to grow and expand. BGNN is one of today’s top picks because the company released a letter to
shareholders informing them of the tremendous marketing and sales progress in recent weeks. Firstly,
their VibAway ® packaging will now have the “As Seen on TV” logo helping to attract more customers.
Secondly, VibeAway ® is currently being tested for distribution by a nationwide retailer. Lastly, BGNN
announced a retail agreement with Woodcraft to sell VibeAway ® in their stores throughout the U.S.

This news means more revenue and profits for BGNN and is reflected in the stock’s activity and 76%
jump. With many other developments and acquisitions in the works, Jerry Mahoney, CEO and President
believes “the company is in a great position to deliver on its prospects.”

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