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Top Daily Penny Stock Picks

CytoSorbents Corporation (OTC:CTSO)

On Thursday this company saw one of the biggest one day leaps in the OTC market this year thus far. It surged no less than 129 percent, starting at $0.169 and closing at $0.389.

This is a classic penny stock success story. The company received European CE Mark approval for its flagship product, CytoSorb, and as a result the stock shot up in a matter of hours.

CytoSorbents Corporation is a development stage company focused on its novel blood purification device, the CytoSorb to treat sepsis, the result of a bad infection.

On Thursday, to mark the achievement of the company, the CEO, Philip Chan, released a statement, in which he said that this was the most significant day in the history of the company, and that it will open up a host of opportunities to treat patients with a wide range of inflammatory conditions. He went on to say that now the company has received the CE mark, it will ramp up manufacturing for the second half of this year, and turn CytoSorbents from a development stage company to a commercial stage company. In addition, the company will now aim for FDA approval in the U.S.

Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC:CBIS)

This stock jumped by nearly 9 percent yesterday and closed at $0.0850.Cannabis Science, Inc. is a leader in the research and development of medical marijuana. It is focused on creating cannabis-based medicines for the of disease and the symptoms of disease, and also for general health maintenance.

This big daily increase comes on the backdrop of an update released by the government on cancer treatments using medical cannabis. This report summarized how many benefits the cannabis drug really has. The report, for instance, highlighted that it has been found that cannabis not only reduces side effects, but actually possess caner reducing properties.

Reports like this are of huge importance to cannabis companies like this. They help solidify the claims of the company’s themselves, and vastly improve their long-term prospects.

Paradigm Oil and Gas, Inc.

On Thursday the stock price of Paradigm Oil and Gas, Inc leaped by 22 percent to $0.440.This company is engaged in the exploration, acquisition and operation of fossil fuel reserves. It is focused on reserves in North America, particularly in the Alberta Foothills area in Canada, which are highly prospective.

Over the past week, Paradigm Oil and Gas has released a number of positive PR’s on its business. In its latest news, it reported that it was implementing a new work program under the company’s oil and gas production agreement for utilizing transportable oil recovery platform.

Be aware, however, that last year the company lost over $2 million, with no revenues from oil or gas. For now, keep your eyes open for this company, and wait for the company annual report due out soon.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.