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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks


On Friday this stock jumped from $0.0023 to $0.0030 which is an increase of over 30 percent.

This price hike came on the back of a press release from the company released on March 11. It stated that in the last month the cost of fuel has increased by 22% resulting from the increase in the price of oil. This has led to an increase in sales revenue for UNITED STATES OIL, whilst having little to no impact on the margins.

The President of the company, Alex Tawse, noted that this is a big reason why the company has pursued this growth strategy, as the regions in which the company operates, and the types of businesses invested in bring a substantial layer of protection to the company against changes in the price of fuel.

The press release also stated that propane sales are up 12 percent for the first two months of 2011 compared to 2010, and that 150 plus new clients have been added to the revenue base.

Finally, the company announced that it was targeting an eventual move to the NYSE Amex exchange in the future.

Freshwater Technologies Inc (PINK:FWTC)

This stock fell sharply over the last quarter of 2010, but on Friday it gained considerable ground as it leaped from $0.0015 to $0.0030. That’s 100 percent in one day!

Based in Toronto, FreshWater Technologies is a marketer and distributor of chemical free drinking water purification systems. Its corporate strategy is to: 1 – Purchase leading chemical free technology which will give the company a technological edge for market differentiation purposes. 2 – Develop strong local partnerships in foreign countries. Currently it is focusing on Central and South America. 3 – Focus on niche applications. The company has already identified VIQUA and FW technologies as a successful niche, which can give the company a significant competitive advantage.

Diamond Discoveries International Corp. (PINK:DMDD)

In December of last year in Quebec, Diamond Discoveries International acquired mineral claims with gold potential. Since that time the stock has shot up from $0.0025 to $0.0115. Yesterday alone it jumped 15 percent.

The 41 mineral claims total more than 2400 hectares, and the company now owns 143 claims on more than 6,200 hectares of land.

Diamond Discoveries International is a US exploration company with its head offices in New York and Burlington, Canada. The company is an engaged in exploration stage prospecting and acquisition of mineral properties. The primary focus of the company is the Torngnat fields in Quebec.

In 2011 the company plans to carry out additional surface sampling and phase I drilling of up to five targets reaching up to 2,000 meters for chromium, and up to 5 targets reaching up to 2,000 meters for gold.

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