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Top Penny Stock Picks of the Day

Fresenius Kabi Pharmaceuticals Holding Inc. (NASDAQ: APCVZ)

Fresenius Kabi Pharmaceuticals Holding Inc. (NASDAQ: APCVZ), which acquired APP Pharmaceuticals in 2008 and is a leader in infusion therapy and injectable pharmaceutical products, recently entered an agreement with Teva Pharmaceutical USA (NASDAQ:TEVA). According to their press release on January 26, 2011, this deal enables APCVZ to manufacture and supply Gemcitabine HCL for injection on immediately. This is a huge deal for APCVZ since Gemcitabine is an equivalent of Gemzar ® which is manufactured by Eli Lilly. In 2010 Eli Lilly produced $785 million in net sales on Gemzar ® which sets up APCVZ for an amazing 2011. Their has reacted to this news in recent weeks and has seen a healthy spike that continues to move upward. In Decemeber APCVZ was trading close to $0.04 where as of today it is currently trading at $0.14, an over 300% increase. Look for big things from this pharmaceutical company in the following weeks and months.

Evcarco Inc. (PINK:EVCA)
Evacarco Inc. (PINK:EVCA), a green automotive retail group, has picked up serious momentum with several big announcements this week. On February 15, 2011, EVCA announced that it will sell class 3-5 compressed natural gas powered Foton trucks at its dealerships. Foton Motor Co., is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer that can produce up to 26,000 units of these trucks. This news led rating and other stock pick companies to set a six month target price of $0.70 a share which is a 700% increase from where it is currently trading. With the automotive industry moving in a more environmentally friendly and green direction, EVCA is a hot pick this week and with the production of these new vehicles has it poised for big gains.

Sungro Minerals Inc. (PINK:SUGO)
Sungro Minerals Inc. (PINK:SUGO), a minerals mining and exploration company, announced today the results of its first National Instrument report which sets new standards for its mining programs and help with further discovery, particularly in the Conglomerate Mesa project which is reported to be a huge deposit of minerals ready for mining. Sungro Minerals is up 94.64% at the time of writing at $0.11 a share. Considering that its 52 week high is at $1, SUGO has plenty of room to grow as it inches its way back in that direction. The highlights of this report in conjunction with the financing agreements that were negotiated at the end of 2010 give SUGO plenty of leverage to increase their market capitalization which is currently listed at $6.76M. SUGO is a hot stock this week and has some great momentum moving forward.

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