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Tips to Reduce Stress and Live Longer

So many illnesses can trace their roots back to stress. Common illnesses such as obesity, depression, dermatitis, and heart can all be traced back to the stressful lives we live. Sure there are genetic factors at play, but the overwhelming majority of people who become ill can blame stress. Stress raises cortisol levels and other stress hormones and can disrupt all of your body’s processes. Below are some tips to reduce stress so you can live longer.

Tips to Reduce Stress and Live Longer

1) Organize
When your home or workplace is cluttered it can raise your stress level. Whether it is dishes in the sink, your children’s toys or piles of papers, living or working in a cluttered environment is stressful. Start by developing a routine so that you can tackle the clutter one step at a time. Plan where everything can go before you start. After you clear the clutter and stick to your new plan of organization your stress levels will drop considerably.

2) Prioritize

Some people are best served by creating a daily to-do list, others are able to internalize their daily tasks and obligations, either way, make sure you prioritize both your work and home life. In business, for example, there is the old 80/20 rule. About 20% of your activities at work or at home will reap 80% of your income and happiness. If we prioritize the things at home and at work that are essential and cut out most of the 80%, we can be happier more productive individuals. Spend a day noting how every minute of your day is used. You can then sit back and prioritize, freeing up time to rest or do the things you love with the people you love.

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