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7 Stress Relief Tips: Learning to Manage your Emotions

Stress Relief Tips

  • Stress relief tips can be helpful in your everyday life
  • Stress can cause an emotional burnout if it is not managed
  • Emotional stress management can improve your life and health

Stress can play a big part in your life, and it can have a big impact on your health and well being. Learning to manage and relieve stress can help you avoid emotional burnout, and help you stay fit, healthy, and relaxed. There are a number of stress relief tips and methods that can help you when you feel stress building up, or if you just want to relax after a hard day.

1. Learn To Accept What Can Not Be Changed

In life, there will be things that you can change and then there will be things that you have absolutely no control over. For better emotional stress management, learn to recognize the things that can not be changed and accept them. If you do not, you will actually increase your stress levels by worrying about things that you can not affect.

2. Write It Down

Sometimes writing down your thoughts and feelings in a notebook or journal may be helpful if you experience high levels of stress or frustration. Writing these down may help you determine situations and circumstances which increase your stress levels. This is important to help you understand what you should avoid to keep your stress low and manageable.

3. Take a Long Hot Bath

If you feel like you are getting ready to experience emotional burnout, take a long hot soak. Using a jacuzzi or hot tub is especially beneficial. When stress builds your muscles can tense up and tighten. Soaking in hot water, with or without massaging jets, will relax your body and help relieve your stress.

4. Take a Walk or Go For a Jog

Many stress relief tips really point out the benefits of exercise. Aerobic exercise is very effective at lowering the levels of stress and harmful hormones that stress can cause in your system. Exercise releases relaxing and sedating chemicals in your brain and body, and this causes your stress and tension to dissipate, leaving you relaxed and feeling great.

5. Close Your Eyes and Imagine a Pleasant Place

If you are suffering from high amounts of stress, one technique that can help is to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine yourself in your favorite pleasant place. This may be a beach, the pool, a tropical vacation, or whatever else you can visualize that makes you happy. This method works better for some than it does for others, depending on the size and depth of your imagination.

6. Seek Therapy or Counseling

Emotional stress management may include therapy to learn how to deal with and control your emotions. If certain emotions cause your stress levels to climb, such as anger or frustration, then you may want to seek therapy to work on ways to control these emotions more effectively. Sometimes simply having someone to discuss concerns and worries with can relieve some stress and prevent emotional burnout.

7. Do Not Overextend Yourself

To learn how to relieve and lower your stress levels, you may need to learn how to say no and refuse at times. Too many times people are hesitant to say no even if it means not having time for other things, and this can increase stress levels. Learn to understand when your plate is already full, and do not hesitate to say no or refuse to help if it is not easily possible. Keeping your stress levels low is more important than being the person everyone relies on for help, and if helping out will increase your stress levels at all than you should say no without a twinge of guilt or regret.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Rose Says:
    Excellent advice. I would also add that one should look at the situation from a different perspective. Sometimes the situation is not as it seems, one thing you can always be sure of, the situation will change. Try to be positive. Rose