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Knowing the Difference Between PMS and PMDD

PMDD is short for premenstrual dysphoric disorder and is known as one of the most severe and symptomatic forms of PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome. Approximately ten percent of all women suffer from PMDD whereas most women experience symptoms of PMS at one time or another.

Pms And Pmdd

Both PMS and PMDD are troublesome and bring with them many symptoms that are at times unbearable. Many doctors in the past did not recognize PMDD as a disorder and frequently called all PMS exclusively. Only recently in the last decade have doctors recognized the differences between PMS and PMDD.

Many types of menstrual disorders, such as PMS and PMDD, result in a variety of symptoms including abdominal cramps and depression. More extreme symptoms of PMDD include extreme feelings of sadness to the extent of suicidal thoughts. Sufferers of PMDD feel hopeless and uncertain most of the time. The vary but the symptoms must be monitored. It is not uncommon for women with PMDD to experience crying bouts that include extreme mood swings, irritability and rage that affects those around them, severe fatigue and even out of whack food cravings and binging.

The causes of irregular menstrual cycles associated with PMDD are different from that of PMS. Some women have received relief from changing their lifestyle at home. By eliminating caffeine and caffeine containing foods like chocolate from their diets they have been able to relieve some of the symptoms of PMDD. Caffeine can actually cause women with PMDD to be more anxious and more fatigued when coming down from a caffeine high. When this happens the symptoms become exacerbated.

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