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Things You Need to be Aware of Avoiding the Flu

The outbreak of the last flu epidemics have everyone concerned. While we may have skated through another flu season with less infection than was anticipated, there is always the next flu to consider. We are a more transient and world traveled society today than ever before and this brings its own set of concerns. Past flu problems that might have been centered in particular parts of the world are now spreading everywhere. To protect yourself and your family, you can address the topic: things you need to be aware of avoiding the flu.

Things You Need To Be Aware Of Avoiding The Flu

The flu is a virus and viruses are particularly sturdy. Like bacteria, a virus will change or mutate with an altering environment. This is the main reason that we have a different strain of flu every year. Viruses thrive in a dry environment, and the onset of fall and winter bring the best for the virus to live in. Viruses can also live for up to two hours on objects that have been touched with the infection. This means that whether at the workplace or school, an infected individual can blow their nose or touch the nasal area and infect: doorknobs, telephones, toys, computer keyboards, computer mice, etc.

There has been a newer production of antibacterial wipes that are now available. The wipes will assist in a cleaning process, but not necessarily to rid a virus. Face masks have been worn in many Asian countries, specifically Japan, to keep infection from spreading. The most recent outbreak of the H1N1 flu brought this practice into play in the Western countries. A standard face mask can assist in keeping the infected individual from touching their own face, but they are usually not close fitting enough to keep you from inhaling a flu virus.

The flu is highly contagious, so, avoiding crowded places is a major consideration to avoid the flu. If you have children, you already know that they have less than clean habits and the spread of colds and flues in schools and daycare is just something you have to live with. Since you can’t lock yourself or your family up for the entire flu season, you can try to keep everyone in a healthy state. Lots of rest and good healthy eating habits will assist in keeping the body in a situation where it can combat a cold or flu in a better way.

In avoiding the flu, you can consider alternative approaches. Those that are believers of natural and homeopathic remedies begin adding fresh garlic and Echinacea to their diet. They also include chicken soup as part of the healthy eating habits, since scientists have found that it has antibacterial properties and assists in reducing mucus build up. There are homeopathic products that combine herbs and use the body’s natural abilities to fend off the infection. Reme-Flu has become one of the most popular products with quite an excellent level of success. The proprietary blend of Reme-Flu works in two ways to address initial symptoms and faster cellular absorption.

Always consult with your primary physician before adding anything to your medicinal regiment, including over the counter, natural and homeopathic products.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Nick Says:
    Recently had the nastiest flu that I have ever had. In fact, it was so bad I think I will take the flu shot next year. Some people say though that they go the shot and in any case caught flu. Did this happen to anyone else?