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The Spare Tire: a Sign of the Male Midlife Crisis

This is an article devoted to all of the men and women in our lives and to ourselves. There is some shocking news that is showing the average size of the average man has increased so much, that as many as nineteen are now considered portly. Women are developing early signs of obesity as well, and both genders are exhibiting increased health risks with added weight. That spare tire around the middle might be something to hug, but it’s also a warning sign beyond a midlife crisis.

midlife crisis

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) indicated that sixty five percent of American adults are overweight. The reasons are fairly obvious, some of us have a genetic or biological disposition for being overweight, the rest of us eat too much and have a bad diet. Women have a tendency to deposit weight in the hips and thighs while men retain weight in the waist area. For women, the typical overweight symptoms are signs of potential insulin problems as well as high blood pressure and heart disease and high cholesterol.

As we age, additional fat deposits center around the middle. Even men that have a healthy and fit body can show signs of that spare tire. It can become an initial signal for a midlife crisis, but there is a way to change it. The addition to the waistline can be reduced through a healthier diet. Just losing a small amount can reduce health risks. Remember that as you age, your bones and muscles are not the same as when you were younger, so adding a bit more exercise into your daily routine will help. Give up the elevator and take the stairs, park the car further out so you can walk a longer distance to the store.

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