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5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Are you wondering whether green tea actually possesses all those health benefits that lots of people have been turning to it recently? Find it out yourself why green tea:

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

  • is a powerful antioxidant
  • can stop development of cancer cells
  • can help with treatment for type 1 diabetes
  • has been proven to lower LDL cholesterol
  • is a detoxifier preventing liver disease

Chances are you have either heard or read about the amazing health benefits of green tea. Unlike black tea green tea comes from unfermented leaves and goes through the least amount of processing which leaves all the nutrients intact. Although green tea is just beginning to gain popularity in the Western World, Indian and Chinese cultures have used green tea for thousands of years and made used of it’s healthy properties. Green tea has been researched to have at least five potential health benefits.

Benefit #1: Powerful Antioxidant

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are substances that hunt for free radicals. Free radicals are naturally occurring compounds in the body that move throughout our systems changing cells, tampering with DNA-genetic material, and can even result in cell death. These free radical compounds are also enhanced by smoking, sun overexposure, and pollution and they promote damage to vital tissue and contribute to the aging process.

Benefit #2: Can Stop Development of Cancer Cells

Recent research from Rochester University found that green tea could stop the activities of a molecule that might play an important role in the formation of cancer in some people. The molecule can activate genes in the body, including those genes which might be responsible for setting in motion cancer development. By shutting down the molecule, green tea can stop many types of cancer cells from ever getting started and developed.

Benefit #3: Can Help with Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes

Green tea may be useful in the treatment of diabetes. Some studies have shown that green tea can improve the body’s ability to regulate blood glucose levels. These benefits are for people at risk of developing or who have already developed type 1 diabetes in which their bodies produce little or no insulin.

Benefit #4: Has Been Proven to Reduce LDL Cholesterol

Green tea has been found to reduce the levels of LDL bad cholesterol in the blood. It helps raise the levels of good HDL cholesterol. Although researchers are not sure how green tea creates this effect, it has been duplicated in multiple studies. One of the studies also looked at the cholesterol levels of male smokers and found significant decreases in LDL cholesterol levels among them when green tea was consumed over a period of time. (Please note: this does not promote smoking or the use of green tea in order to keep smoking or any form of smoking at all). Another study conducted on animals suggests that the chemicals in green tea may make it more difficult for our bodies to absorb the cholesterol in the foods we consume.

Benefit #5: A Detoxifier Preventing Liver Disease

Green tea can help keep our lives healthy. One study found that men who drink at least ten cups of the tea daily have a reduced risk of developing liver disease. The tea can also help protect our livers from excessive alcohol and other toxic substances.

Although there are plenty of reasons to suspect that green tea may provide a wide range of health benefits, including the five mentioned above, there are some people who should not drink or use green tea. Because of the high caffeine levels, women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid green tea. If you have heart problems, a bleeding or blood clotting disorder, if you take a blood thinner such as Warfarin (Coumadin), or if you are prone to anxiety conditions, the caffeine in the tea can actually worsen your conditions and should, therefore not be taken. Be advised that most of the claims made about green tea, that is now contained in many over the counter products, has not been supported by the FDA. Green tea can be beneficial but it may be advisable to discuss how it may affect you with your doctor or nutritionist. Drinking green tea daily may not be a bad idea as long as you can safely handle the large amount of caffeine and are aware of the side effects of caffeine.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Martyn Says:
    Awesome information on green tea
  2. 2
    Green Tea Says:
    Green tea protects the liver from toxins, and ensures oral health. It also destroys free radicals, boosts the immune system function, helps you maintain fluid balance, and blocks some of the main receptors that cause allergic reactions.