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7 Facts about the Sunscreen Cancer Manufacturers Do Not Want You to Know – part 2

– According to Dr. Gordon Ainsleigh’s estimates, the 17% rise in breast cancer, which was observed from 1991 to 1992 could actually have been caused by the almost obsessive sunscreen use throughout the past decade.

– Certain recent studies have also shown that who regularly used sunscreens had a higher rate of melanoma. Women who regularly used sunscreens have been found to have a higher basal cell carcinoma rate.

– According to the estimates of Dr. Ainsleigh, 30,000 yearly cancer-related deaths in the U.S. alone could be prevented, if only people subjected themselves to moderate sun
exposure instead of using so much sunscreen.

Clearly the answer is to change the way we do things in summer. We should spend less time under the sun in the heat of the day instead of going out and relying on sunscreen. The false sense of security that sunscreen has produced could be very dangerous to your health..

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