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Pregnancy and the Flu – advice that every expectant mother should read – part 2.

While the types of herbs that you can take safely during pregnancy are limited, there are certain kinds that are safe and boost immunity. Echinacea is one of the best germ fighting herbs. It has been studied most thoroughly and has consistently demonstrated its system strengthening qualities. It also fights fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. You can find Echinacea in many different forms in various health food stores. The type considered most effective by herbalists is called Echinacea Angustofolia. If you take 2-4ml of the tincture, mixed with a bit of water 3 times a day does not have any adverse effects on women who are pregnant.

If you do not suffer from nausea, you can try to use more highly flavoured spices and herbs when cooking your regular repertoire of dishes. Among these, garlic is the one that has unquestionable immune boosting properties, which have been proven over and over again. Garlic is rich in many compounds, especially a chemical called allicin. It has been used throughout history around the globe to treat a wide range of illnesses, especially viral infections.

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