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7 Insights Into the Flu Season 2010-11

1) When will the flu season 2010-2011 begin and finish? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have already reported flu cases, which means that the flu season has started early this year, even though the official season only begins in mid October. Its activity is usually at its highest in January, February, March, and in May it pretty much dies down.

7 Insights Into The Flu Season 2010-11

2) What kind of flu season will we have this year? Flu epidemics occur every year. Nevertheless, it remains difficult to predict the length, timing, and severity of the flu season 2010-2011. It depends on many factors, such as the type of influenza viruses that predominate and whether they match the flu vaccine viruses.

3) How serious a concern for your health is the flu? The CDC reports that 5-20 percent of the population is infected annually, causing about 200,000 hospitalizations and 3,300-49,000 deaths. The flu can lead to pneumonia, sinus infections, and ear infections. So, it is more serious than most people think.

4) How does the flu spread? The influenza virus spreads mostly via tiny droplets, such as the ones produced by sneezing and coughing. It easily circulates through enclosed spaces like airplanes. Touching is another easy way for it to spread, like when an infected person passes any object to his/her family or friends. Doctors say that if you rub your nose or eyes and then open a door, you have just left some of the virus on the knob. The next person who touches it is bound the get the virus.

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