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Muscles Need Minerals

Technology and culture have finally collided so that today’s world seems like it’s in fast-forward. and nutrition seem secondary to productivity and success. The result is that most people on the go get depleted and become nutrient deficient. To combat the process, many people are jumping on the vitamin bandwagon. This means that they attempt to get more vitamins from their diet or pick up trendy vitamin supplements from their local health food store or supermarket. This is all well and good, but it seems as if minerals (vitamin’s less popular partners) aren’t getting enough attention. Mineral nutrition is just as important—especially in this age of tension and anxiety.


Herein lies the problem. People, in this country especially, tend to get an excess of acid minerals in their diet. This comes from eating too many carbohydrates and grains, which includes pastas, cakes, breads, cookies, etc. In a sense, this dries us out and makes us tense, crampy and rigid. The simplest solution to this depletion is restoring balance by ingesting more alkaline minerals like potassium and magnesium. These essential nutrients, in conjunction with all those vitamins people love to take, help support the parasympathetic nervous system, which cuts down on muscle cramps and keeps the body calm and collected. Vegetables and greens such as spinach and kelp remain the best source of these alkaline minerals. Sticking to foods that are rich in alkaline minerals is definitely easier said than done what with the constant barrage of advertisements for empty foods in the American diet and landscape. That said, there is another solution out there. You can satisfy your taste buds and still avoid tense muscles by getting a sufficient amount of alkaline minerals through a supplement.

There are countless potassium and magnesium supplements on the market. For more specific health problems such as dry mouth, a calcium supplement may be in order. However, as we’ve mentioned before, people tend to get too much calcium in this country. It seems to be one of few minerals to enjoy the spotlight of trendiness. TIP: Liquid vitamin and mineral supplements are now beginning to emerge. This provides a convenient and efficient option for consumption of the appropriate nutrients.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.