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Iodine Supplements: Do You Need More Iodine in Your Diet?

Today, there are many supplements that can be found for just about everything you may be lacking in, and iodine supplements are no exception. Iodine supplements are not usually necessary, as we generally get the necessary amounts of iodine our bodies need through a regular, healthy diet. However, if there is an iodine deficiency present, or if there is a need for added iodine to help support the thyroid to increase weight loss, then the answer may be yes, you do need them.

Iodine Supplements Do You Need More Iodine In Your Diet

Severe iodine deficiency symptoms may be found if a person becomes seriously anemic, is lethargic, tired or drowsy more than normal, has slow or slurred speech or enlargement of the tongue. Skin issues, losing more hair than normal and swelling of the hands and feet are also symptoms of a severe iodine deficiency. Other symptoms can appear and are not limited to just these mentioned. Many illnesses or diseases can result in the body not receiving sufficient amounts of iodine over time.

A deficiency in iodine most commonly affects the thyroid and the way it plays a part in regulating metabolic rates within the body. Hypothyroidism and various illnesses and disorders of the can result from a deficiency in iodine, and an individual can also, more obviously, develop goiters. Of course many other illnesses and symptoms can result in an individual’s iodine being insufficient. If you have concerns or are worried that you may be suffering from a deficiency of iodine, consult your doctor. Your doctor may confirm that there is a deficiency and prescribe iodine supplements.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

One Response to “Iodine Supplements: Do You Need More Iodine in Your Diet?”

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    Sarah Says:
    I think I might have iodine deficiency, as I do experience some of the symptoms you mentioned. Before I start taking supplements, can you tell me what foods I should be eating more of in order to up my iodine levels?