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Low Testosterone: The Secret Men Prefer to Hide and How it can be a Major Health Risk

Pharmaceutical companies have tapped into a sensitive subject for men: low testosterone. There is a bombardment of commercials and advertisements that are trying to sell the new drugs, but the one thing that has come out of all of this is that men are now more likely to talk about erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. The increase in discussion about low testosterone is also due to the fact that baby boomers are aging and therefore the quantity of older men has increased.

Low Testosterone

There are a number of reasons for low testosterone. Historically, the feeling of being tired, lack of sexual interest and overall not feeling well were symptoms of low testosterone and attributed to diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. Now, scientists are finding that it can also include the thyroid. A blood is the key for getting the testosterone level and a low reading may also relate to a number of additional health issues: testicular cancer, testicular injury, infection, HIV/AIDS, hormonal, chronic kidney or liver disease.


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