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3 Natural Ways to Improve a Man’s Libido

As men age we experience a significant decrease in sexual desire. We yearn for the days when we were twenty to thirty years old and had a huge sexual appetite. Despite the fact that there is no way to prevent aging, there are many natural ways to improve all aspects of sexual performance.

3 Natural Ways to Improve a Man

1) Exercise

Exercise is the number one way to boost your sexual performance. It is easy as we get older and our life gets busier to place less focus on physical activity when we should be focusing on it even more. Exercise energizes your mind and your body which directly impacts your libido and every other area of your health. Plus, one of the best times to have sex is right after your workout! Make time with your significant other to get proper exercise and use that new found energy!

2) Diet

We are what we eat and so is our libido. Testosterone production is directly related to the foods we eat. Diets high in saturated fats, sodium and processed ingredients damage your libido. Eating nutrient rich food, and especially healthy fats, increase your testosterone production and improves your circulation. Better means less erectile dysfunction.

3) Hydration

Not only is drinking plenty of water good for your overall it is important for a healthy sex life as well. Alcohol lowers your testosterone production. Sure when you are young you have plenty to spare, but as we age and our natural levels are already low and you will notice a significant decrease when drinking or if you drink regularly.

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