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3 More Natural Ways to Improve a Man’s Libido

4) Sunlight
Believe it or not, natural sunlight suppresses melatonin which lowers sexual desire and performance. Sex drive naturally lowers in winter months and peaks during the summer because there are more hours of daylight. If you are trapped in an office throughout the day, make sure you find time to get outside and get some sunlight. Take a walk or a bike ride. Getting more sun will also give you a healthy dose of vitamin D.

3 More Natural Ways to Improve a Man

5) Adequate Sleep

Sleep deprivation has a huge impact on your sex drive. Like food and water, adequate sleep is important for healthy testosterone production. You will also feel more energized throughout the day and be in a better position to perform. If you are only getting four to six hours of sleep a night, find a way to get seven or eight. You will notice an increased libido and more focus on your daily responsibilities. Being well rested is a key to optimal health in and out of the bedroom.

6) Yoga and Mediatation

Let’s face it. Stress is a major sexual deterrent. When you are stressed the last thing you are thinking about is sex. Yoga and meditation work to quiet the mind and improve the mind body connection. Yoga also gets rid of the toxins that impact your testosterone production. With less stress you will notice an improvement in your libido.

As you can see, taking care of your health will naturally improve your sexual health. There are also plenty of herbal supplements that can increase testosterone production. Try these tips and if you still experience sexual dysfunction, contact your physician and have your testosterone levels tested.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.