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Liver Disease Symptoms Alcohol: What’s the Link?

Are liver disease symptoms alcohol related? Is there a link between the two? There are three diseases of the liver that are directly caused from consuming too much alcohol on a regular basis. These are cirrhosis of the liver, a fatty liver, and hepatitis. Liver health facts include the facts that your liver is needed to store glycogen, helps process certain nutrients, helps with blood clotting, cleans out toxins and other harmful ingredients, and makes biles. All of these functions are essential for good health and wellbeing, and to prevent diseases. Eating top liver healthy foods, like garlic, onions, cruciferous vegetables, and fruits high in antioxidants, will keep your liver functioning well as long as you do not consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

Liver Disease Symptoms Alcohol

The link between liver disease symptoms and alcohol consumption can be proven. When too much alcohol is consumed the liver can not function effectively, and that is why the levels of alcohol in your blood rise and you become inebriated. If this happens frequently then your liver will start to develop symptoms of disease, like a pump that keeps clearing out water but at a rate slower than the amount coming in. If you suffer from any liver disease symptoms alcohol needs to be avoided completely to prevent even further damage to this organ. If caught in time your liver may be able to regenerate the destroyed cells, and eventually function properly again. If you continue to drink however, the damage will get worse and can lead to death.

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