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How to Survive a Gorgeous Holiday Dinner and Stay Fit?

  • Have something to eat before the function.
  • Drink plenty of healthy liquids and make healthy dining choices.

How to Survive a Gorgeous Holiday Dinner and Stay Fit?

The holiday season is a fun time and a busy socializing time for many people. It’s a time for getting together with family, friends and work colleagues for celebrations and food. If you are trying to lose weight, or even trying not to put on weight it can be a difficult period. Temptation is everywhere from large calorie rich meals, candy and delicious treats, and it is difficult at a time of gathering to stand apart and not take part in the feasting. But you need not feel left out. Here are a few tips about how to take part fully in the fun without packing on the pounds.

Have Something To Eat Before A Function

Before a holiday meal, people will often stop eating so that they feel hungry to fully enjoy the meal ahead. This tends to lead to overindulgence at the meal itself. Not eating may also put your body into “starvation mode”. Not eating for a long period can have a slowing effect on your metabolism as your body, not knowing when the next meal is coming, attempts to preserve calories. This also means that when you do eat, the body is more likely to lay the calories down as fat in order to store and preserve energy. To avoid this and overeating, eat a small meal beforehand. Not something sugary or over processed, but a snack that will stop you from feeling hungry for some time, such as some protein ( for example, some chicken or fish) and whole grains (for example whole grain bread or pasta).


As well as watching what you eat, watch what you drink. Alcoholic drinks as well as sugary sodas can literally be packed with calories. Try to drink some water, if you can. It will keep you from feeling thirsty so that you are not constantly sipping at alcohol or soda. It will also make you feel a little fuller and a less hungry so that you are less likely to over eat. You need not, of course, abstain all together. A glass of red wine is around 100 calories, and is packed with flavanols and antioxidants.

Make Good Choices

If you are choosing a meal from a menu, or if you are at a buffet, make smart choices about what you eat, and you can enjoy a delicious meal without it being hugely calorific. Go for lean sources of protein, such as turkey, fish or tofu, and avoid heavy or creamy sauces, or dishes which have a large amount of cheese in them. Also avoid fried foods such as French fries if you can, and opt instead for steamed vegetables, baked potatoes, or new potatoes, and wholegrain pasta or rice. Also, during the holiday period, there are many calorific and tempting trimmings to have with your meal, including cranberry sauce, bread sauce and stuffing. By all means enjoy them, but indulge in moderation, because even a moderate amount of these foods can significantly increase the calorie content of your plate. Finally, if there is dessert, you can’t go wrong with fresh fruit, as long as you avoid too much cream or sugary ice cream.

Follow these tips, and you can fully enjoy you holiday dinner without feeling guilty!

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The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Peggy Says:
    I wish I had seen this article before the holidays! I might have saved myself 10 pounds of holiday weight. Thanks for sharing these tips!