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How to relieve constipation naturally?

We are finally back to making medical and body decisions based on non-pharmaceutical choices. Today’s savvy individual no longer trusts the drug industry and is skeptical about standard OTC products. The additives and chemicals that are in all of these can wreak havoc on our systems and bodies and can cause other problems. When addressing a topic of constipation, we realize that our bodies should operate like a well oiled machine. When it doesn’t, everything backs up. There are ways to relieve constipation naturally and easily.

How To Relieve Constipation Naturally

Constipation is usually caused by a lifestyle or dietary change. In some cases, it can be stress induced, however, constipation should be the exception, not the rule of your body. You will need to introduce high fiber foods on a gradual basis. Combine soluble and insoluble fiber foods in variations. Soluble helps to regulate sugar and insoluble balances intestinal acidity. You can add oat bran, flax seed, apples, citrus fruits and carrots. Also add cauliflower, green beans and the root vegetables.

If you don’t have enough fiber in your diet or can’t increase, go to a high quality health food store and get a fiber supplement. There are a number of excellent choices and the store representative will be able to assist in what’s best for you.

Drink water! About eight glasses per day. Your body is made of seventy percent water and it needs water to cleanse the system and move wastes and toxins out. The best time to drink water with the greatest effect is first thing in the morning. Select a good water filtration process, whether via a pitcher or an attached system. Purified water is the only thing you should be drinking. Bottled water hasn’t been shown to be that great of an improvement over tap water and they are in plastic.

Add some of the healthy oils to your diet. Canola oil and olive oil have been used by our ancestors throughout history. They are known for their health benefits and are great for cooking and as part of a salad dressing.

Thirty minutes of exercise a day is a must. We are stuck in a society where we sit in front of computers or game screens too much of the time. Brisk walks or a few laps in the pool every day will help to keep your system balanced.

One of the most difficult things to do today is the reduction of stress. High stress levels can change your body chemistry and cause constipation. Some people experience these problems every time they travel. Allowing yourself some relaxation time every day should be something that we focus on. It’s our own gift to ourselves and helps the body regulate what is normal for each of us. Some corporations are now embracing the relaxation time and offering a variety of programs during the day for their employees. If you can’t do Tai Chi, put some quiet music on and try some light stretching movements. Yoga is always recommended, as it’s been proven to the mind, body and overall mental attitude.

There are some herbal teas that can be purchased at a health store. These should only be used sparingly and not for more than a week. The teas are a nice way to relieve constipation naturally.

If you are experiencing constipation more often, you should seek the advice of a physician or your medical provider. Never add anything to your dietary regiment without consulting with your physician. If you purchase products, always consult and buy at a reputable and high quality health store. Don’t choose the cheap route, because they probably don’t contain enough of the main ingredient and could be produced outside of the country.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Meredith Says:
    Often when I travel I get constipated. I attribute it to having a drier diet (I'm talking about traveling) in countries where the food can be lacking in vegetables, such as in South American countries. The best thing in this case is to just get my hands on lots of fruit! Fruit is the answer to this problem!