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What Causes Green Stool? – Updated Article With Extra Information

Stool color is important, because it is an indication of what is going on in your gastrointestinal tract. The healthy color of stool is obviously brown because of its bile content created by the liver. If your stool is green, however, you do not need to be concerned, because it does not necessarily mean that you have a serious problem. Green stool is common in babies after they ingest something for the first time. If you have green stool as an adult, here are some of the possible green stool causes.

What Causes Green Stool

Green stool cause 1 – Abundant of green leafy vegetables
There is chlorophyll contained in green vegetables, which is one of the main green stool causes. So, if you eat a lot of broccoli, for example, your stool may be light green or even dark green. Chlorophyll levels in green plants may determine the color of your stool. Do not worry too much about this, because these vegetables are a wonderful source of fiber, which actually is a benefit for the colon and they are also responsible for more regular bowel movements.

Green stool cause 2 – Increased intake of iron supplements
Taking too much supplements of iron may also be one of the green stool causes. Sometime even regular amounts of iron can be responsible for this. In babies it may happen because of administering liquid iron.

Green stool cause 3 – Food poisoning
Foods tainted with bacteria may also be one of the major green stool causes. The most common of these bacteria is e-coli. The food, as well, as the waste should pass in a couple of hours after you’ve eaten something bad. However, your stool remains green for over 3 days, then you should see your physician and get a green stool diagnosis, especially if it is accompanied by fever and abdominal cramps. All of these together are symptoms of food poisoning or a signal of something abnormal in your digestive system.

Green stool cause 4 – Medication
Just like supplements and vitamins, certain medications may be one of the green stool causes. This is especially common in infants and children, because they have more sensitive digestive tracts. For example, sometimes this reaction could even happen from administering a simple infant Tylenol to your child. Other over the counter medications can also cause babies’ stool to be green. If the symptoms continue, you should always see your physician or pediatrician. If you have green stool as an adult after taking certain medications, such as antibiotics, you should also see a doctor for green stool diagnosis.

Green stool cause 5 – Digestive problems
If there is abnormal digestion happening in your digestive tract, it may also be one of the green stool causes. In this case your stool may be light green or dark green.

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    Sammy Says:
    It doesn’t seem like any of these causes are what I have. Do you think I could have a serious problem of some kind? I’ve only had two cases of green stool, but it’s still a bit unsettling.