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How Long are You Contagious With a Cold?

Everyone seems to have a different answer to the question “How long are you contagious with a cold”. Some people indicate the first few days when you experience the symptoms, others will tell you the entire duration, until the symptoms go away. Since the actual common cold is caused by more than one hundred different agents, also known as rhinoviruses, this can be a very tricky question.

How Long Are You Contagious With A Cold

The researchers involved in common cold research also seem to have different answers due to the various scientific studies. Some studies have shown that a person can be contagious a few days before symptoms begin to be exhibited. Other studies have shown that you can be contagious a few days after all of the symptoms have disappeared. The general consensus is that since a cold has an average duration of two weeks, the answer to the question: how long are you contagious with a cold is two weeks.

There is an important topic to note when addressing contagions. When are you most contagious with a cold? The answer to this seems to be when you have the most severe symptoms. A person is contagious when they have the highest rate of transmitting the cold. This will be when the individual is blowing their nose, sneezing and, in general touching the infected areas. Days two to four of the seem to be the times of the highest rate of being contagious. With the percentages lowering as the symptoms begin to decrease. This is completely dependent upon the actual agent or virus that is causing the cold. Incubation of the various types of viruses can be from twelve hours to five days, however, an average can be around forty eight hours.

It is known that an unhealthy immune system can increase your risk for catching a cold. This can be caused due to unhealthy lifestyle choices, eating habits and stress. Colds are usually ‘caught’ due to one of the almost invisible droplets of infection being inhaled or being touched and then touching the face or nasal area.

There are a myriad of medications and over the counter products available to attempt to reduce the symptoms of a cold, however, each comes with its own risks and warnings. Some may not be taken with other products (medicinal interactions) and some may have age and health limitations. There are homeopathic products that have been used throughout the ages that have had good results. Homeopathic addresses a more whole body approach and are governed by the FDA through the US Pharmacopeia. One of the most popular homeopathic products is Reme-Flu. This medicine has a two system blend of proprietary organic and inorganic products that gently assist your body to promoting a healthier immune system in combating the cold and flu symptoms. The secondary approach involves faster cellular absorption to allow the body to defeat the rhinovirus in a quicker manner. Reme Flu offers peace of mind, as there are no known side affects.

Always consult with your primary physician when considering any medicinal changes.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Anthony Says:
    Can you really be contagious even after all the symptoms have gone? My doctor once said that as soon as you get better you are no longer contagious. Is she wrong?