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Cold Remedies For Infants

Any parent knows the horror of seeing your baby suffer through the misery of having a cold. This can be especially dangerous if the child has other contributing disorders that can turn a common cold into a life threatening situation. Infants react to the pain of the moment and you can spend many nights feeling frustrated because you feel helpless to remove the discomfort. There is new fear regarding over the counter remedies manufactured as supposedly safe products for infants and children. More recently, many have been removed from the market due to recent problems that they have discovered. There are also age limitations for various over the counter products. Certain products can’t be given to infants but can be given to children aged two and older.

Cold Remedies For Infants

For those of us that have gone through researching cold remedies for infants, there are some tried and true as well as safe approaches. First, if you can, try to maintain breast feeding a baby. The natural immunities in the breast milk will help the infant fight off infections. If you can breast feed directly, at least pump the breast milk so that the infant can get the level of immunities it needs. Fever, especially anything over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, can be dangerous and even lead to death. It is important to monitor any fever and keep the infant hydrated. This can be a challenge if the child refuses or simply can’t keep down water. There are pediatric formulas of flavored water and juice that are easier on the tummy and allow the infant to maintain a good hydration level.

Babies breathe through their noses and not their mouths. Breaking up any mucus build up will ease the discomfort for an infant. Saline nasal drops can assist with the breakup up the mucus. Administer a few drops, wait a few minutes and then use a bulb syringe to gently remove the mucus. Keeping the infant in a more humid environment will be of great help. and viruses live in dry environments and moisture in the air will help to reduce the discomfort and eliminate the bacteria and virus production. Check with your pediatrician for recommended vaporizers or humidifiers. If none are available, run a shower so that the bathroom fills with warm moisture and sit in the room for ten to fifteen minutes.

There are some products that you absolutely should NOT use with infants: aspirin can cause Reyes Syndrome, over the counter antihistamines and anything that contains ibuprofen or acetaminophen should not be administered to infants. Some natural alternatives may include honey. Honey should never be given to an infant.

In the search for more healthy and homeopathic alternative cold remedies for infants, you should always consult with your pediatrician. Do not think that you are being an alarmist and take your infant to your doctor or hospital if symptoms persist. You know your baby and persistency against the possible downplay by a doctor could save your child’s life.

If your child is age six or older, the homeopathic product of Reme-Flu has had an excellent level of success without the chemical or reactive side effects. It stimulates the body’s natural healing processes and reduces the symptoms and problems of cold and flu.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    C.M. Taz Says:
    I have a 5 month daughter and she has been sick for the last week and a half and I know we cannot give her meds, however we have run the shower and placed vicks vapor rub on her chest so that she can breath easier. We have even taken the liberty of purchasing what is called a snotsucker which works better than a bulb and you can purchase this at Whole Foods stores. I just would like to know what else can we all do seeing that we are doing everthing that we were already told. Any suggestions? I don't have insurance at the present and may just go to a free clinic.