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Direct Link Between Stress and Cancer

Is there a direct link between stress and cancer? The effects of stress are still not completely known by science, but there is some evidence that stress affects the immune system, and there are theories which attribute this to increased rates of cancer. Emotional stress management is a good idea for many reasons, and it can have a beneficial effect on your immune system. There has been no proven direct link between stress and cancer yet, but there is also no proof that this link does not exist either. There were some scientific studies on this subject in Denmark, and the results from these studies did not really show any link. In one study more than eleven thousand parents who had a child with cancer were studied, because a terminal illness in a child is considered very stressful. The parents showed no increase in the rate of cancers than the control group, even up to eighteen years after the fact.

Even though there is no proven direct link between stress and cancer, it is known that the effects of stress on your immune system can be harmful. If your immune system is lowered, it can not fight off pathogens and harmful cell changes as effectively. Emotional stress management can help keep your immune system healthy, and this can help your body respond better to changes and invaders. Whether or not a direct link between stress and cancer is ever proved, your immune system will keep you healthy much easier if you keep your stress down to a minimum, and learn manage it effectively.

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