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Dangers of statins

Cholesterol lowering drugs seem to be appearing in every media outlet. High cholesterol is a major problem in the Western culture, which leads to a variety of circulatory and heart problems. The pharmaceutical companies have developed cash cow drugs called statins to help lower cholesterol, but are you aware of all of the dangers of statins?

The increase in prescriptions for statins has gradually changed over the last twenty years. This is due to better cholesterol testing methods as well as long term studies. Stains actually work by inhibiting an enzyme that allows the plaque build up involved in cholesterol problems. The problems begin to arise in the fact that doctors seem to be forgetting that cholesterol has a number of uses in the body. Cholesterol is what the body uses to waterproof our cells. Without the waterproof quality, the cells become porous and this creates another regiment of medical problems. Cholesterol is also a major factor in the healing process. Scar tissue from and injury has a high level of cholesterol. People who have a low cholesterol count often have difficulty digesting fats. Cholesterol is a body chemical designed to help in that process.

It is well known that cholesterol is vital in the neurological brain functions. From memory to the brain hormones, like serotonin, cholesterol assists in the balance of the brain processes. Cholesterol is considered the precursor to not only but also the regulations of the body’s sugars. Statins lower the cholesterol level and can lead to a myriad of disorders including, but not limited to: adrenal hormone production problems, blood sugar regulation problems, deficiency of minerals, edema, infertility and reproductive problems, healing and allergy problems, chronic inflammation and asthma.

Statins are now among the top ten drugs taken in the United States. The pharmaceutical companies promote all of the benefits but are somewhat quiet about the dangers of statins. Statins suppress the immune system and longer term studies are now producing some rather strange side effects that were not expected: Muscle weakness and pain, increased poly and peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage in the hands and feet that may cause tingling or pain), abnormal heart rhythms and heart failure, Co-Q10 depletion, dizziness, impairment of the cognitive abilities (loss of memory), higher incidences of cancer and pancreatitis and depression.

As always, the benefits of the statins are supposed to outweigh the dangers. Pharmacists will often advise their patients as to specific medicinal depletions that they need to be aware of to offset some of the dangers of the statins. A variety of vitamins and supplements can be added to assist, but not all patients are aware of the dangers or take the advice seriously.

From the standpoint of the pharmaceutical companies that are seeing the bank accounts increase due to statin medication, they have a more simple answer that plays right into their line of business: create more drugs to counterbalance the side effects of statins! That only makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you are in doubt about a specific diagnosis and need to take a statin drug, seek out additional medical opinions and options. Always confer with you medical providers when making decisions about your health.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Margie Says:
    Hardly any surprises here – the pharmaceutical companies invent a solution to a problem that is as bad as (if not worse than) the problem itself. Personally, I’d rather have high cholesterol than take harmful drugs to lower it. Wouldn’t you?