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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Universal Detection Technology (OTC:UNDT)

On Thursday morning this stock made one of the biggest half-day gains seen on the OTC market for some time. The stock price leaped by $280 to $0.0019.

Universal Detection Technology provides monitoring technologies for protection against biological, chemical, and nuclear threats. The jump in the price of the stock comes after the Company announced that it will immediately market its radiation detection devices in Japan in partnership with the US Department of Commerce.

The PR agency reported that the Company’s aim now is to deliver its products into the hand of people in Japan as soon as is logistically possible, so as to help them complete their task of containing the radiation from the reactors.

With the current events going on in Japan at the moment, this agreement could lead to significant revenue increases for the Company. Investors should be aware, however, that in the third quarter of 2010, the Company reported just $1,821 in revenues, with net losses of $452,709. The Company has assets of $45,172 but $4.4 million in current liabilities.


The stock of Titan Resources International gained 146% on Thursday, closing at $0.032. This gain comes on the back of a PR released by the Company yesterday, in which it announced that it had hired MPH Consulting Limited to continue the exploration on its Dinty Moore Property which bears silver. This property is located in New Denver, British Columbia. This move should accelerate the development of the Company.

Bill Akrivos, the CEO of Titan Resources, said that the company has selected MPH for its solid reputation in the mining community. He went on to say that Titan can now accelerate its plans to utilize its survey results, and work towards the next phase of exploration.

Bear in mind, however, that as with Universal Detection Technology, the 2010 third quarter figures for this Company were not impressive. The company is still in the development stage. The balance sheet of the Company showed that it had just $1,243 in cash and over $42,000 in liabilities.

Jammin Java Corp. (OTC:JAMN)

On Thursday this stock gained 12.6% to the $1.25 mark.

The Company yesterday confirmed that it has completed a distribution deal with Gourmet Merchants International (GMI) – a gourmet food distributor. GMI will now distribute the Company’s gourmet range to a wide range of grocery markets across Southern California.

The Chairman of the Company, Rohan Marley, said that the demand for gourmet and specialty foods is growing stronger in California. Gourmet Merchants International will raise the profile of the Company’s range of gourmet coffees by distributing it to a wide range of high-quality grocery markets.

The Company is in good financial condition, with $640,739 in total assets and just $54,985 in liabilities. Investors take note!

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