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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Optimum Interactive Ltd. (PINK:OPTL)

So far in mid-day trading Optium Interactive Lts (PINK:OPTL), formerly VComm Network Inc. before their name change in July 2009, is up 257.14%. In the past five days the stock is up 72%! There has been no significant news recently released. The company is still in development stage since the transition and there is no reported numbers to weigh the success of Optimum Interactive. Investors, therefore, seem extremely confident on their success as they have performed amazingly thus far in 2011. It is continuing to trend upward so this is definitely a company to watch and is one of the best performers in today’ s trading. If the investor confidence is well deserved you will only see the stock go higher.

Thwapr, Inc. (PINK:THWI)

Thwapr, Inc has been on run all week and is set to go higher. They launched their first iPhone app this month and received positive reviews. With the growing popularity of iPhones and other smart phone devices, this leading mobile video and photo sharing business is likely to generate serious revenue. It closed last Friday at $0.25 and is currently trading at $1.16! While the stock is a bit on the downside in today’ s trading it has the potential to grow. Less than a week ago Thwapr announced that their service works with quick response barcodes which are increasing in popularity. Bruce Goldstein, CEO of Thwapr explained on Friday that “our solution is light, easy to implement and extremely cost effective.” Furthermore, once their technology is patented their company’ s value will increase as well. Positive reviews and optimistic investors have been powering this stock all week!

Everybody’ s Phone Company (PINK: EVPH)

Everybody’ s Phone Company, a Texas based pre-paid home telephone company, solidified an agreement yesterday with AT& T and Verizon to offer federally funded telephone programs to qualifying customers. Then today the company announced a new contract with National Servicing Corp. that will increase profits by 30-50%. By purchasing loans, Everybody’ s Telephone Company will enter the loan investment business that will create a new channel for growth and profitability. Thomas Law, President and CEO of National Servicing Corp., stated “ we are proud to step in as partners to further their goals of aiding the credit disadvantaged.” While the stock has taken a beating today and is currently down close to 40%, increased profits and revenue as well as a diversified business plan could mean big things for the future of the company. While credit markets are tight they are not as bad as in recent years.

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