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7 Herbs that Act as Natural Help for Alcoholism

  • Research has shown that natural herbs offer much alcoholism help in patients undergoing treatment for alcoholism
  • What alcoholism brings to the body is anything but helpful. Alcohol abusers may develop gastric problems, kidney and heart issues, scarring of the liver tissues, and more
  • Early alcoholism intervention is necessary in the prevention of liver cirrhosis. With prolonged alcoholism cirrhosis can set in and it becomes impossible to bounce back to normal even after alcoholism rehab
  • Prolonged alcoholism can affect most major organs including the brain. Alcoholism schizophrenia may occur in patients who do not seek help for alcoholism at some stage of their life


Help For Alcoholism

Herbs are known around the world to act as remedies for many problems, including alcohol addiction treatment. Acorus is one of those helpful herbs that stimulate alcohol detox as it affects the brain during withdrawals. Also known for its assistance in withdrawals from cocaine and heroin, this offers a great help for alcoholism rehab patients. During the first ten days of withdrawal, detox brings about nausea, vomiting, and shakes. Acorus can inhibit symptoms during this acute stage.


Another helpful herb in the treatment of alcoholism is Kudzo. This herb is a natural help for alcoholism in that it actually curbs the urge to consume alcohol. Research is ongoing with this herb but scientists have acknowledged that Kudzo’s alcoholism help includes strengthening the liver’s ability to ward off toxins from the body’s system. This benefit supplies a great deal of help for alcoholism patients. Drugs like Antabuse and Revia bring about violent side effects that can ultimately cause damage to the liver and has even been linked to alcoholism schizophrenia.

3.Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle offers help for alcoholism. The herbs’ seeds have been used in alcohol addiction treatment for thousands of years as protection for the liver. The herb contains silymarin, which guards the liver against toxins like alcohol. Treatment for alcoholism includes taking milk thistle extract on a daily basis for alcoholism help.


Some controversy remains around the Wormwood herb, but the verdict that this herb offers help for alcoholism. Whether you are a frequent drinker or full-blown alcoholic, taking Wormwood daily will break down and eliminate harmful toxins from the liver. Wormwood also promotes alcohol detox by curbing the early stages of withdrawal.

5.Passion Flower

Passion Flower is another herbal remedy that can be used for alcohol detox. This herb has been known to eliminate and curb vomiting and nausea symptoms in patients undergoing withdrawal. Passion Flower is also used in those withdrawing from pain killers, cocaine, heroin, or opiates.


Reishi has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years in alcohol addiction treatment. Reishi mushrooms have been used to treat cirrhosis of the liver due to prolonged alcohol abuse. They are known to prevent what is commonly referred to as the “fatty liver.” Their prevention measures make Reishi a great herbal assistance in the ongoing treatment for alcoholism.

7.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used as an herbal treatment for alcoholism intervention in that it strengthens the liver by improving its function and strength. Over the long haul, what alcoholism contributes to the body is anything but helpful and by taking Aloe Vera liver damage can quite possibly be prevented, as well as cirrhosis, which normally develops when an individual consumes alcohol continuously.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

2 Responses to “7 Herbs that Act as Natural Help for Alcoholism”

  1. 1
    Jeremy Says:
    So, where would I be be able to get my hands on some of these herbs? Should I just go to the local health foods store? Cause I could really use some of them right now.
  2. 2
    Jeremy Says:
    So, where would I be be able to get my hands on some of these herbs? Should I just go to the local health foods store? Cause I could really use some of them right now.