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What to Do If Triglycerides Too High? – Updated Article With Additional Information

Triglycerides Too High

Triglycerides refer to deposits of fat that are stored throughout your body. Your body takes the carbohydrates you ingest and converts them into glucose, which consequently is utilized as cellular energy. When your cells receive enough glucose and can take no more, the remainder of the glucose is taken to the liver, and there it gets converted into glycogen. This substance gets stored in the muscles, which can act as an important energy source. However, when your muscles reach their maximum capacity for glycogen, the remainder returns to the liver again, and then proceeds to be converted into triglycerides. These are then stored as fat, usually in specific areas in your body, where your body has chosen to store it.

The extra triglycerides, which may not always be stored as fat, may actually stay in the blood stream, which can cause some serious complications for your health. High triglycertides levels can make your blood thicker, which will make it sludgy. This increases the chances of clotting or blockages, which could cause a or a stroke, if it gets out of control. What is not stored as fat can remain in the blood stream, and this can create complications.

If you have diabetes, chances are, you have high triglycerides levels. High cholesterol is also a sign of high triglycerides levels, which can result in cardiovascular disease. However, someone with diabetes is usually more prone to more serious damage. Obesity is another sign of high triglycerides levels, because when there is no room left to store them as fat, triglycerides levels rise in the blood. Liver disease is also closely linked with high triglycerides levels, because the liver converts fats for different uses in the body. These fats are mostly triglycerides. In the most serious cases, liver inflammation can occur, and even liver death.

So, it is of utmost importance to lower your triglycerides if they are high. Lowering triglycerides depends almost directly on what you eat. Anything you intake that has the potential to increase your levels of glucose is likely to cause high triglyceride levels. So, it is crucial to reduce or eliminate the intake of those foods and drinks that get converted to glucose once they enter the body.

The most effective way to do this is to reduce your carbohydrates intake, because they are pretty much the cause of high triglycerides livels. Sugar, for one, should be avoided altogether, especially in excess. There are, however, some good carbohydrates that are advisable to eat. These are called complex carbohydrates, and include whole bran and oatmeal. These can acually help reduce your levels of cholesterol, and, in turn, lower triglyceride levels. For the original story, and further information on triglycerides, click here

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8 Responses to “What to Do If Triglycerides Too High? – Updated Article With Additional Information”

  1. 1
    miriam Says:
    lipodystrophy caused by stavudine then experiencing hot flashes. could it be related to high triglycerides or cholesterols?
  2. 2
    sarasalus Says:
    I have read.....have some kiwi every day, it will lower the triglycerides
  3. 3
    wylie tsan Says:
    does it work?
  4. 4
    Martin Says:
    My doctor prescribed Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000 - 2000 mgs per day. He said that the Omega 3, combined with even short brisk walks 3 - 4 times a week, would significantly reduce the Triglyceride count.
  5. 5
    tom Says:
    if any one knows what is best for me to eat cause i just dont understand please let me know thanks
  6. 6
    Triglycerides too high Says:
    Using ginger and garlic is a good option to keep away from Triglycerides, I suppose. Nice information on lowering triglycerides. Thank you.
  7. 7
    Judy Says:
    I am trying to find a diet for my Mom whose triglyceride count is over 900. In addition to high cholesterol, she is also a diabetic. She gets really confused when they tell her to avoid saturated and poly-unsaturated foods. She needs simple. I do not live close enough to do her shopping for her, or monitor the foods she is buying. She refuses to go to a nutrionist, but will follow a diet plan. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. 8
    Edward Says:
    My doctor put me on a specialized diet when he found out my triglyceride levels were through the roof. While I missed out of most of the foods I loved, the diet really did help and I feel considerably better.