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5 Questions to Ask about Sex (But are Afraid To)

It is strange that in an era so filled with technological advancements and single-click-information, that we continue to be embarrassed to ask our doctors about the questions we have about sex. We are a
curious society, ever wondering about the topic of sex, but still carrying some of the stigma based on an historic moral past. Alfred Kinsey actually broke the ice on talking about sex in the 1940’s. Prior to
that this was a topic that was never spoken of and no one ever asked questions about sex. His study on human sexuality opened the doors to discovery on so many things that went on behind closed doors. With the advent of the sexual revolution in the 1960’s, sexual behavior was a major topic of the youth of the time with free love and sexual experimentation as a major focus of life. The social pendulum always seems to swing in one direction and
back to another, and we are again in a time when people are a bit reserved about open sexual discussions, even when it comes to their medical providers. Here are five of the questions about sex that you might be afraid to ask.

questions about sex

Do you practice safe sex? Your physician may ask this in a point blank fashion, but do you ask this question of your partners? There is no way for you to know how many partners he or she has had, and in a time when sexually transmitted diseases are increasing, this is an important question for your health and safety. While incidents of HIV have fallen, they are still high enough to warrant concern.

Have you been tested for sexually transmitted diseases? The last thing you want is an after the fact surprise. The spread of STD’s has been on the rise, specifically with the younger generations. While some may be an inconvenience, others can be life threatening.

Is it normal for sex drive to decrease after marriage? This is a question that has plagued married couples over the centuries. The short answer is yes, but it relies on a number of variables. Many couples settle into a situation of comfort, have a family and get involved in daily lives. In a busy lifestyle we are often exhausted and there is little time for sex. As we age, it is normal for the sex drive to decrease.

Should I be concerned if my significant other has a porn habit? It is considered perfectly normal for adults to view porn. However, the exceptions in that would include underage, illegal, excessively graphic or violent pornography. Many couples view porn together, however, some consider it an embarrassment and view it alone. Concern should be considered if he or she exhibits obsessive pornography habits.

Why does having intercourse hurt? 30% of report some form of pain during sexual intercourse and for about 10% this extends to chronic pain. There are a variety of reasons for painful intercourse, from vaginal and yeast infections, inflammation of the urethra and even a thinning of the vaginal wall. This is one of the primary questions about sex for your physician and you should narrow the reason down.

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The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.