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Why is sinus drainage important?

In order to answer the question why is important one must understand the causes for . is a liquid substance that is secreted by the mucous glands. There are 2 types of sinus discharge, normal and abnormal. Normal sinus discharge is intended to maintain healthy nasal tissues, to moisturize, lubricate and to create a protective barrier in the nasal area. is a natural body’s response to nasal irritants in the form of allergenic dust, pollen, chemical fumes, strong odors, bacteria and viruses in the form of colds and flu that attack our upper respiratory system every day. liquid has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties necessary to flush irritants out and reduce inflammation caused by these foreign substances. Abnormal thick sinus discharge gets trapped in the nasal and sinus cavities sometimes causing various types of sinus infections. Dark, moist and warm areas of the nasal passages create perfect conditions for bacterial growth. Sinus infections could be very uncomfortable for people causing severe sinus headaches and a sense of fullness of the sinus cavities caused by the swelling of the tissues. Sometimes you might have to see your doctor to get a prescription for the antibiotics for sinus infection if your condition doesn’t improve over the course of one week. However, one must be advised that antibiotics for sinus infection can also eliminate “good bacteria” along with “bad ones” and lower your body’s natural immune response and should be taken as last resort per your doctors orders.

Without the proper work of the sinus drainage system, our bodies would be completely defenseless against the invasion of allergens, viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

3 Responses to “Why is sinus drainage important?”

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    kathy V Says:
    Also, get on a good probiotic - take it at night if you do your garlic and grapefruit seed extract (or oreganol) in the morning - to replace the good bacteria in your colon, which is very important. If you've been on antibiotics for awhile and haven't done this, the flora in your colon is seriously compromised. Lots of good probiotics out there - I like Garden of Life, but many others that are also excellent. This should be a priority for you given your history of antibiotic use.
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    kathy V Says:
    You need to get really aggressive. Use a neti pot saline rinse at least twice a day - throughout the day use XClear (xylitol nasal spray - which is very safe to use on a regular basis and non-irritating - it is antibacterial and soothing) use a humidifier every night and then add to your diet raw a few garlic cloves (cut up and put on buttered bread and eat) grapefruit seed extract - 10 drops mixed in water once or twice a day, and clean up your diet - no sugar of any kind including fruit juices, obviously no alcohol and no dairy (you may also have a wheat allergy so stick with gluten-free for awhile to test that - remember sensitivities to foods versus outright allergies will not show up in allergy testing, but will manifest with physical symptoms.) Find a health coop in your area and start asking people in the supplement department what else you can do. Keep this up for 2 to 3 weeks. You'll start feeling better after about 3 days, but many viruses will hide out in tissues so be warned if you don't keep up the regimin the condition will come back. Adding Clear Lungs (made by Ridgecrest) made of Chinese Herbs - get at your local food coop or order online - will clear out your chest congestion within 24 hours, but again keep it up for awhile. Forget the MDs - whenever you have a chronic condition (vs acute) get yourself to a health food coop and search the internet for alternative therapies. My daughter is in a top med school - this stuff is not taught - fortunately she is committed to learning it on her own. Keep a positive attitude - this is your wake up call to clean up your lifestyle and you will benefit in whole body health if you keep your diet good (stick to whole, unprocessed foods - if God made it, your body needs it, if man adulterated it in any way, your body will struggle with trying to deal with it. Good luck!
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    Lara Comer Says:
    2 years or more.....drainage from behind nasal area into throat which then drains into my bronchial area causing extreme chest congestion. I have tried anti-biotics (3 times), allergy shot , many over the counter medications. Now I am using allerest which works only when I use it several times a day. I need help. Where should I go??? This article is helpful but which one applies to my problem?