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Who Is The Most Susceptible to H1N1?

As many people are undergoing some type of , it is important to understand who is the most susceptible to h1n1 virus in order to try and avoid the possible , including death!

Susceptible To H1n1

Although no one person is exempt from contracting this virus there are certainly some people who are more at risk than others for getting swine flu.

Those at high risk for contracting swine flu include children aged 6 month up to 19 years (the younger, the more at risk), pregnant women, people who are 50 years or older and any person with a disease that compromises their immune system such as diabetes, heart and lung disease and those with any type of immune disease. Out of all the people who should obtain a swine flu vaccination these people are at the top of the list as they are more susceptible to h1n1. On top of getting the vaccination those who are considered high risk should avoid those who are sick and exhibiting symptoms of swine flu such as coughing and fever in order to elude swine flu side effects themselves.

In addition to avoiding sick people in general, it is important to follow other swine flu preparedness tips such as washing hands frequently and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces.

If you are considered high risk and think you are susceptible to h1n1 it never hurts to contact your doctor to obtain his or her professional opinion on how you can keep yourself safe from the dreaded h1n1 virus!

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.