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Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects: What You Need to Know

There is an increasing concern about . Many individuals are concerned now more than ever about what exactly they need to know concerning the vaccine and its many side effects. The truth is that there is an abundance of possible side effects to taking the vaccine, and all individuals may or may not experience them. It is also not yet known that if individuals do suffer from side effects due to getting the vaccine, to what degree they may experience them.

Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects What You Need To Know

The list is long for possible side effects from the Swine Flu vaccine and many are and can be fatal. The Swine Flu vaccine side effects are immune and cardiovascular disorders, as well as blood and lymphatic disorders. Serious syndromes such as Guillain-Barre’ and Stevens-Johnson have been detected. Febrile convulsions, facial edema and neuropathy have occurred in individuals as well. The list is extensive and contains many other fatal and long lasting side effects, many, of which, may lead to fatalities such as shock and death.

Many officials, physicians and top authorities are admitting that the Swine Flu vaccine side effects, can be more deadly than catching the actual Swine Flu virus. The best course of action for any individual would be to discuss their health concerns concerning the virus and the with their physician. He or she can guide you to the best course of action and advise you on what Swine Flu precautions you need to take. Your past and present health history can help your physician determine whether or not you would benefit from or have the need to be vaccinated, as opposed to no vaccination.

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