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What Are the Worst Swine Flu Side Effects?

It is essential with the rise of the swine flu side death toll that one is able to recognize the swine flu side effects and symptoms. It is even more important that one is able to recognize swine flu pneumonia symptoms as those with a secondary infection of pneumonia on top of the swine flu are more at risk for death than those with swine flu alone.

Swine Flu Side Effects

The symptoms of the swine flu are similar to those of any ordinary flu and therefore can be hard to distinguish and often times ignored. Body aches such as , achy and sore muscles and joint pains are all common complaints with the swine flu. Some more common swine flu side effects may include chest and nasal congestion, a painful sore throat and labored breathing. Some more serious and dangerous swine flu side effects that may require hospitalization or a trip to the ER include a fever above 101 degrees that is worsening or long lasting as well as unexplained rashes and dehydration.

Swine flu pneumonia symptoms are even more serious than those listed above and medical treatment should be sought especially if one is having a hard time breathing in addition to coughing up a bloody sputum. Those deaths that contribute to the swine flu side death toll are often linked to a secondary infection of pneumonia. Most of the people who die from pneumonia linked with swine flu didn’t even know they had pneumonia so it is important to learn and recognize symptoms that may be life threatening and treat them according to your doctors recommendation.

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