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What Is an Immune System Modulator?

You may have heard the term immune system modulator, and wondered exactly what this is. Immune modulation is the process of helping you either build a stronger immune system, in cases of cancer, HIV, and other diseases, or break down your immune system to prevent these cells from attacking tissues, in cases including autoimmune disorders which break down healthy cells and tissues. An immune system modulator is a component that either increases or decreases the effectiveness of your immune functions and cells. There are many reasons why this process is used, and there are many benefits to using immune modulation instead of antibiotics or other drugs. Sometimes this method is used in addition to other recognized procedures. When it comes to chemo and your immune system, the chemo will destroy both the cancerous cells and the healthy cells, including your immune cells.

Immune System Modulator

Using an immune system modulator will alter this system and change the effectiveness, either causing it to become more or less effective depending on the desired results. Heart attacks and heart damage have been linked to inflammation caused by the body, and studies are being done using the patient’s own blood as the modulator. The blood is removed from the patient, treated, and then injected back into the hip. This causes the immune system to fight inflammation in the body better, and to prevent or minimize the damage caused. Using this process instead of or in combination with medications and traditional treatments may improve the outlook for many diseases and medical conditions.

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