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What flu remedies are safe for me since I’m pregnant?

Being pregnant and having the flu is no fun, especially since most over the counter medications are not safe for pregnant women. Luckily there are a few pregnancy-safe flu remedies that fall under the natural cold and flu remedies category.

Pregnancy-safe Flu Remedies

First, it is important to know a few top ways to prevent colds in the first place. Washing hands is the best preventative measure one can take in addition to eating right and disinfecting surfaces that are handled often. Following these few and simple top ways to prevent colds is one of the first natural cold and flu remedies any pregnant woman can take.

Pregnant should focus on pregnancy-safe flu remedies to treat specific symptoms versus trying to treat the whole flu at once, such as sore throat and stuffy nose. For a stuffy nose pregnant women may benefit from using saline nasal sprays to decongest as well as sleeping propped up in order to allow for better sinus drainage. Nasal strips may also be helpful in opening the nasal passage to allow for better breathing. Salt water gargles is another pregnancy-safe flu remedies for sore throats. Salt is known to retard the growth of bacteria and the warmth of the water is soothing to an irritated throat.

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