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Is Pregnancy a Factor in Swine Flu Deaths?

There is much controversy surrounding pregnancy and the swine flu. Much of the controversy stems from the fact that still not much is known about the swine flu and experts aren’t entirely sure how pregnancy and swine flu are linked but there are a few things that are certain. It does seem certain that pregnant women are at an increased risk of being included in the swine flu side death toll and other adverse swine flu side than those who are not pregnant.

Pregnancy Swine Flu Deaths

Out of the total percentage of the swine flu death toll approximately 6% of deaths were associated with pregnant women. This means that pregnancy swine flu deaths are something to be concerned about and most of the deaths are associated with the third trimester.

Pregnancy swine flu deaths may be caused for a few reasons, one of them being fever. It has been shown that having a fever during pregnancy can increase the risk for neural tube defects and brain damage. This can result in a stillbirth or spontaneous delivery. It is also said that the fetus causes the mother’s lungs and respiratory tract to work harder which may be linked to secondary contraction of pneumonia during swine flu. Those with pneumonia on top of the swine flu have an increased risk for death.

In order to decrease the rate of pregnancy swine flu deaths and the swine flu side death toll in general it is important to follow common sense flu advice tips. Pregnant women are considered “high risk” by the CDC and should obtain an H1N1 flu shot if available to them in addition to staying away from those who are exhibiting swine flu side effects or any other type of sickness.

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