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HELP! Im pregnant and have a cold. Are there any safe remedies for me?

If you are pregnant and have the cold it is important to know some of the pregnancy-safe cold remedies. Since pregnant women are advised to avoid the majority of over the counter cold medicines, colds must be treated with natural cold and flu remedies. Instead of treating the cold overall, pregnant women must learn to treat the symptoms as best as possible.

Pregnancy-safe Cold Remedies

Before going into pregnancy-safe cold remedies it is essential that pregnant women know the top ways to prevent colds. In addition to washing hands, pregnant women should disinfect surfaces that are handled often such as switches, door knobs and counter tops as well as keeping hands away from face especially the nose, eyes and mouth in order to prevent colds.

One of the pregnancy-safe cold remedies is to utilize saline sprays to help combat nasal congestion. Although most over the counter nasal sprays are not safe as they contain added medicines, saline nasal sprays are completely safe for pregnant women to use. In addition to nasal sprays, vapor rubs are safe to use by pregnant women as these utilize menthol which is a natural ingredient to alleviate nasal congestion.

Those with a sore throat can find comfort in some of the more natural cold and flu remedies. Hot tea with added honey can be used to sooth the throat in addition to salt water gargles. Salt has been shown to retard the growth of bacteria in the mouth and throat in addition to lemon juice with a teaspoon of vinegar.

Trying to utilize the top ways to prevent colds is really the most advised for pregnant women but as avoidance of the cold is not realistic when confronted with the common cold it is important to treat the individual symptoms with natural remedies as best as possible.

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